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Black Swan Archery siteI never expected my project to get any press at all — the site’s for a one-man business working on pure word-of-mouth.  Well, never say never!

A bow reviewer at Archers Review just gave the site some very nice compliments while reviewing one of the Black Swan bows:

The website is slick, it’s easy on the eye, sophisticated, stylish with a monochrome colour scheme, it’s been put together by someone who knows exactly what [Arvid Danielson’s] bows stand for and how he wants them to be represented, there is no clutter, no extraneous stuff you don’t need to know…. just some pictures and the pure facts… I very much like the website and it made me feel that I was about to receive something very special, the lack of sales speak, hard sell and clutter made me think that if the website had been put together with such single-minded focus then the bow itself would probably be as forthright in its purpose.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!  😀