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Tze-chiu Lei

Web Developer


Month: July 2015

From MRM to Razorfish!

Well, I’ve left MRM//McCann for greener pastures — I’m now Presentation Layer Engineer at Razorfish Platforms!

I was in the middle of refactoring my project back in AprilĀ for mobile/responsive layout, when Razorfish Platforms called. It sounded like they really wanted me, so I paused my project, and reactivated my resume at all the major job sites to get a decent sampling of prospective offers.

Razorfish’s offer turned out to be the best, and my other online research also corroborated their elite position in the marketing industry — AdWeek’s only repeat Top-10 Agency in the last decade. So, toward the end of May, I decided to take it.

It’s been a great 5 years with MRM//McCann, but lack of upward mobility finally prompted me to make the move. I’m very grateful for their faith in me — I had only been developing websites part-time in my last job but they convinced me to give full-time web development a try. Without them, I wouldn’t have been noticed by Razorfish!

I’m now back at the old salary I used to earn before my 2009 layoff, and things are only gonna get better from here, professionally and beyond!