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Tze-chiu Lei

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Month: January 2012

iPhone Productivity Apps

I came across Ken Hess’ article “Top iOS Apps lists not boding well for BYOD” on ZDNet, and noticed a nice list* of productivity apps for iPhone:

  1. Citrix Receiver
  2. VNC
  3. RDP
  4. vSphere Client
  5. iSSH
  6. Quickoffic
  7. FileApp Pro
  8. Fing
  9. Printer Pro
  10. Dragon Dictation
  11. VMware View
  12. Fing
  13. Ubuntu One Files
  14. iSQLQuery
  15. PlainText
  16. Dropbox
  17. Time Zones
  18. hypOps
  19. SharePlus Lite
  20. Zoho Docs

Ken’s got a point.  If iPhone users want to bring their iPhones to work, they’d be well-advised to remove the games or at least move them off the default/home screen.

What I don’t understand though is why he singled out iOS, as if there are no games available for the Android or Android users don’t download games.  (???)

I added a comment to his article, so maybe he’ll respond.  :::fingers crossed:::

*DISCLAIMER: I don’t have an iPhone, so I can’t vouch for the validity of the list.  If you have any questions/comments on the apps selection, please contact Ken directly — there’s a Contact link at the bottom of his article.